Cascade Ferret Network Web Cam

Connect to the web cam for live video.
Notes for WebCam usage:
  • The webcam can support a fixed number of viewers at one time, and so we ask that you not park your browser on the live video page.


The Axis of Weasels

All web cam ferrets are rescues or former shelter ferrets.

Moley is a large and friendly sable boy -- he is shy and is easily frightened.
Ratty is a large, active and friendly beige boy. He loves to haul things off.

Former webcam ferrets.

Toed is a large, active and friendly sable boy with white mitts on the very tips of his toes. The most interactive and high spirited of the boys.

We lost Toed in October of 2016. He had developed health issues, and we were able to keep him going for quite some time with medication and supplemental feeding. When he stopped eating even his beloved chicken soup we knew it was time.

Star is the brains of the outfit, and is used to getting her own way. She enjoys the company of the boys, especially on cold winter nights.

We lost Star on July 24, 2015. She was over 9 years old and was suffering from a variety of age related illnesses. Her unique and forceful personality places among our most memorable ferrets of all time, and we still miss her dearly.

Badger is a playful little man who has a Jekyll and Hyde personality: during the fall and winter months he is a sweet cuddly Teddy bear, but during the spring and summer he is an annoying pest. He is often mean to the three boys, prompting us to call him Bad-Jerk.

Our Badger developed an aggressive form of lymphoma in early March of 2015 which took him away from us well before his time. He was a fun little guy despite his quirks, and our home is a sadder place without him.

The webcam's home is at Badger Hollow, on Grizzly Mountain, in Central Oregon.

View a collection of our favorite images from the old web cam.