Badger Hollow, October 2009

The house sits on 33.8 acres at the southwest foot of Grizzly Mountain, just northeast of Prineville, Oregon. In addition to the acreage, house and garage, the property has several acres of flat terrain up around the house, which is encircled by a long driveway that loops to and from Grizzly Mountain Road in a large arc. A shorter driveway leads directly to the house and garage, and has a smaller circle for turning around. Abutting the property to the west is the Crooked River National Grasslands.

Grizzly Mountain Road, looking southwest towards the Prineville valley
The house and garage
The house and short driveway
The house entrance leading into the mud room.
The garage
Looking west past the south side of the house
The southeast shoulder of Grizzly Mountain
The mudroom looking into the utility room
The kitchen looking into the mud room
The kitchen
The main living area looking out onto Grey Butte and the Cascades beyond
Main floor bathroom
A bedroom
The view to the northwest. The long driveway arcs around to the south
To the north the pump house, an abandoned vehicle, and the start of a large gravel flat area
More of the flat area, and a derelict shed (it's on skids and can be moved out of the way)
The future location of the barn
To the west of the pump house a wide ravine opens up broadens as it drops down to the Crooked River National Grasslands
To the east of the pump house a shallow cut in the hill. The seller is removing all of the debris left by the previous owner
South of the garage, looking east over more flat land to the road
The house, from the long driveway as it arcs around
More views from the driveway
From the road, looking at the southern entrance of the long driveway
Further west and down into the property
The only negative thing about the property is that high power lines cross it north south (the lot's shortest dimension) near the western end (the house is on the eastern end, far away)
From the western base of the wide, shallow ravine, heading back up east