Heavy Snowfall at Badger Hollow, February 2014

Friday, February 7, dumped a foot of snow (on top of the 6 inches from the day before). We put snow into the bathtub for the ferrets to enjoy. Toed comes up after digging a tunnel.
The wind had whipped the snow into drifts, but by morning it had died and the snow had stopped falling. The steel grey sky looked ominous.
Elayne walking through the snow to let out the horses. The snow had begun to fall again.
The car buried under a foot and a half of snow.
Snow drifts piles up several feet high on the leeward side of the house.
The horses do not like the deep snow. It takes a lot of work to move through, it forms ice balls in their hooves, and it makes them wet.
Fletch plowed his head through the snow when he first came out: he is easy going and is able to make a game out of everything.
Taylor and Kwest are not amused.
Taylor, hoping I've brought some sort of treat to make up for the snow.
Kwest, likewise hoping I brought something to ease her misery.
The wind had blown the snow into every crack and under the eaves and even the roof. The tractor is buried even though it is sheltered.
The house, with snow piled high around it.