2016/07/21 Round Pen Landscaping

The area where the geothermal loop was placed was the best location for a round pen
But because of the geothermal loop, the only way to make it level was to add fill dirt
We decided to take fill dirt from along the power line access road to use for the round pen pad
And so three contractors from Bartlett Excavation in Prineville came up to do the work
Two dump trucks shuttled back and forth between the excavator and the round pen site
The excavator attempted to keep as small of a footprint as possible while creating a seasonal pond at the same time
The horses reactions to all of the activity varied
Whitney and Fletch only cared about eating grass, trucks and tractors be damned
Kwest and Taylor were more suspicious...
The pad slowly began to take shape
Thirty truck loads (360 cubic yards) were used to bring the pad up to nearly level
The excavator moved up to level the pad...
And complete compacting the top and sides
By mid afternoon the pad was leveled and compacted
The next morning sand was delivered, compacted and levelled
It is now ready for the round pen

2016/08/10 Round Pen Installation

The panels were delivered to Redmond, where we picked them up in the truck
Putting the panels up only took a couple of hours, but then they needed to be leveled and set plumb
And finally the base board set into place to prevent the sand from being kicked out
An erosion control blanket will help keep the slope stable until the native grasses and shrubs take root
The rest of the loop field serves as an archery range