Grizzly Mountain, February 2010

From our house on the south west shoulder of Grizzly Mountain it looked like there was at most a dusting of snow at the top. Having been blocked from reaching the top earlier in the year by too much snow on the road, we set out again to drive to the top. Alas, about 500 feet from the summit we encountered more than a foot of snow on the road, and so we decided to stop and hike a few hundred feet up to the top of a nerby knoll.

The faithfull Outback, several hundred feet shy of the top.
The top of a nearby knoll: ponderosas, bitter brush, and junipers (and snow).
How can there be this much snow a mere mile from our house?
The view towards Prineville.
A similar view.
To the north west, towards Madras.
To the south east lie the Ochocos.
The top of Grizzly Mountain (the western most of the Ochocos).