The Players

Most of the players are (or were) animal keepers at the Washington Park Zoo here in Portland, or in some other way associated with the zoo (other staff, or a significant other of a zoo worker). Zoo people are a very uninhibited group, and these folks are no exception. All of these characters are now officially retired from investigating.


Mac Cochran, an antiques dealer and parapsychologist from Boston. Mac is back again to help his friend Franklin confront and defeat yet another evil brotherhood. Mac find himself once again in great peril and suffers significant bodily harm and sanity sapping encounters, but still manages to survive in some functioning manner. Mac survived to the bitter end, but has retired completely from investigations in general, and the occult in particular.

Franklin Meyers, a retired librarian who stumbled onto the horrors of the Cthulhu Mythos early in life and has paid for it dearly with his sanity. Franklin prefers to hang back and let the others encounter the cults and creatures of the unknown, while he offers his vast knowledge of the Mythos and incredible research abilities. Franklin survived to the end, but he has so little sanity left that he can no longer function normally in the real world. He has retired to a small village on the coast, where he spends his days on the beach watching the waves roll in.


Jack Diamond was a private investigator (Private Dick insists Melissa), but he was taken out of action in Peru... or on the Moon to be more precise. He boldly went where no man had gone before, and came back with a really dark tan (char broiled). While he isn't quite dead, he's also not really alive, and not anywhere close to sane. His last words were, "I charge the three creatures, firing away with my shotgun."

Jackie Wu, former gang hit-man, now gun for hire. Jackie Wu is obviously based on Jackie Chan (only without the great martial arts skills), which is how Melissa plays him. Jackie follows the principle of "if the only tool you have is a hammer, then all of your problems begin to look like nails." Jackie's hammer isn't his brain. Jackie survived to the end of the campaign, and his only regret was not getting the chance to seriously kick some monster butt (or so he thinks).


Kim Lovell, a psychologist who provides much insight into the people our team encounters. Kim frequently makes wild, seemingly unrelated suggestions, and even follows up on some of them (it's hard to say if these actions have helped the group more than hurt). Kim survived the campaign with only minor damage (mental and physical), and has retired from investigating to work on her wire collection.

Professor Miranda Vaughan, a professor of anthropology and archaeology at Miskatonic. Professor Vaughan (only called Miranda by Franklin -- perhaps something's going on here we don't know about) offers the bulk of the scientific insight for the team as well as providing the voice of reason during some of the group's less than completely thought through plans. The Professor has gone back to her true love, and can be found at various dig sites across Egypt.

Kevin Scully, an engineer who provides much needed mechanical skills when things go wrong (as they frequently do). Kevin is a man of action, although he's more cautious than than Jackie. Kevin's career as an investigator was nearly cut short in the first episode when he foolishly put on a pair of spectacles created by the evil Baron Hauptman, and was confronted with a being from another dimension that wanted to see what the insides of Kevin would look like outside of Kevin. Kevin survived the ordeal with the Brotherhood of the Beast and moved out west to California to work in Hollywood. He later becomes side-kick Gabby Hayes.

Margot keeps great game notes, which I use to write up each chapter.

Karen Eisling, a pharmacist who's skills are usually required during each game. Karen typically provides unique perspectives on problems faced by the investigators, and is always ready with bandages or liberal doses of morphine when the pain becomes too much for a team member to bear. Karen survived to the bitter end and returned to the States to marry her long time sweet heart, Biff Baxter, who was actually possessed by a member of the Great Race at the time. Eventually Biff's real personality was allowed to return, and soon thereafter Karen divorced him for being the cretin he really was.

Karen is a coworker of mine who filled in for Peggy for two sessions. These were the evenings when Karen, the character, behaved in a more analytical nature than usual.

Game Master, which means basically everybody else, including the investigators whose players couldn't make it to a session. Leonard also creates the feast for each game night, which explains why the same group of players keeps coming back night after night.