The Cast

Most of the players are (or were) animal keepers at the Washington Park Zoo here in Portland, or in some other way associated with the zoo (other staff, or a significant other of a zoo worker). Zoo people are a very uninhibited group, and these folks are no exception.

Jean Picard is an owner of a small shipping company and known for importing rare and unusual items. Michael likes to play bold and dashing characters who lose body parts over time: Jean will start out with all of his intact.

Nick Jolson is a jazz musician hiding from trouble. When it comes to roll-playing, Rick is the best BS'er in the group, and he finally has a character with which to take full advantage of this trait.

Mona Dugas owns a voodoo shop and concocts her own gris-gris for clients. Melissa insisted that her character have two specific characteristics: big breasts and the ability to wield a mean machete.

Colette Étienne is a socialite in the French Quarter with a mysterious source of income. Diane is back and she's once again an expert with wire!

Simoné Mouton is a knockout nightclub singer with a dark past and other even more impressive skills. Elayne is a quiet introspective player, and Simoné is anything but.

Henry Jones is a former Professor from Tulane who's down on his luck. Margot returns with her cross-gender playing abilities in high gear.

Karen: special guest star
Jaques Cormier is a cajun from the bayou who works for Mona, but has a few secrets of his own. Karen made several guest appearances during our Fungi campaign, filling in for absent players -- now she has her very own character to use and abuse.

Game Master, which means basically everybody else, including the investigators whose players couldn't make it to a session. Leonard also creates the feast for each game night, which explains why the same group of players keeps coming back night after night.