The Players

Michael Illig:

Mac Cochran, an antiques dealer from Boston. Mac is the only one of the original foursome to survive all the way from the prologue to the end of the campaign. This should not be the case, for Mac has been possessed by the Great Old One, Ithaqua, experienced multiple personalities, and had an eye removed by the Brotherhood of Skin .

Rick Horton:

Ian Ambersom, a private eye from New England. Ian was the great communicator for the party, providing the much needed social skills for sticky situations where tact or diplomacy was called for. Ian survived all the way to London, where his body was absorbed by Mehem Makryat.

Melissa Barringer:

Elizabeth "Mo" Perkins, a private eye from Boston. Mo was a burly woman always ready for action. Her career was cut short when she French kissed a zombie and had her soul sucked out from her body. Her corpse was later found in the wreckage of the Doom Train.

Zelda, a singer from New York who joined the troop in Paris. Mo was a hefty lady with a voice that wouldn't stop. She provided much of the muscle for the group. Fenalik the vampire removed a large portion of her weight (namely her head) along with her life.

Edward Hudson, an archaeologist from Belgrade (originally from London). Ed (or "Eddie") provided much insight into the goings on within the group (when played by the Game Master). He frequently came up with timely, life saving ideas, even after Melissa took over playing him.

Diane Gould:

Dr. Miranda Marabou, a physician from Arkham. Dr. Marabou supplied the much needed medical aid for the team of investigators, and, while she wasn't napping, many of the more unusual ideas and proposals. Dr. Marabou quite literally lost her head over Fenalik.

Shirley Bath, an insurance investigator from Kingsport. Shirly provided much of the required gun-fire support during episodes of combat. Alas, she was disemboweled in London by Mehem Makryat.

Elayne Barclay:

Professor Miranda Vaughan, a professor of anthropology and archaeology at Providence. When Professor Vaughan was present she provided a stable influence on the party, frequently balancing the over enthusiastic and flamboyant actions of the other team members. The Professor survived the entire campaign (possibly due to luck, possibly due to being absent for much of the action, and possibly due to being the Game Master's wife).

Margot Monti:

Constantine Bluestone, a rich dilettante from Boston who gave the team a great deal of emotional support, but perhaps more importantly, a great deal of money. Constantine kept a very detailed journal of all the investigators' actions, but was vaporized by a vortex, which was generated by the lloigor, whose medallion Mac stole.

Tilly Shaw, a reporter for the London Times. Tilly also kept a detailed journal of the team's efforts, as well as providing many insightful ideas and useful actions. Tilly survived the campaign.

Leonard Bottleman:

Game Master, which means basically everybody else, including the investigator Franklin Meyers. Now if only he could get the right accent on the right character.