Disneyland, Sunday, September 9, 2007

As a general rule of thumb, we are not overly fond of character meals. So why, you may ask, did we frequently eat breakfast at Storyteller's, where character interaction is not only a hallmark, but pretty much required from every customer. Oh, yes, you can look away from the characters as they come near and hope they take the hint and keep away, but you would need a heart of stone not to be moved by those sad little glassy (or is it plastic) eyes as they peer back, seemingly tear filled at the thought of your rejection. I for one can't do it. And so we're back again looking for the reason why we keep going back to Storyteller's morning after morning. It's simple, really: I have a waffle fetish. Add to that the fact that one of our friends requested a photo of us with Chip and Dale, and there's your answer.

Speaking of Chip and Dale (or Dale and then Chip, if you are following the order in the photos below), those cute little rodents stopped by our table Sunday morning and were their adorable selves (top marks to these CMs!).

Main Street by now we felt like it was our home town.

We had not yet taken a ride on the Monorail, and so our next destination was Tomorrowland. The views from the Monorail platform are among the best in the land. Monorail "Nemo" (red) was the only one operating for our stay. And just like that we were whisked away on that concrete ribbon in the sky to that futuristic place known as the Downtown Disney Monorail Station... and back. We managed to get the back section of the Monorail to ourselves for half the trip.

Next on our list of attractions not to be missed was Small World, still looking good in the original white and gold color scheme I remembered as a child in the mid 60s.

We stopped off just long enough in Toontown to ride on Roger Rabbit, and afterwards, being an animal person, Elayne had to stop by the petting zoo at Big Thunder Ranch ("Is it an evil petting zoo?").

We noticed that the both the Columbia and canoes were running, and so we made a mental note to return before dusk to ply the Rivers of America on both crafts.

We were then off to the Hub for the MiceChat meet of Disneyland enthusiasts. After lunch with the Al from MiceAge and the MiceChat gang, we returned to the Rivers of America for a canoe trip.

We then took a trip around Tom Sawyer's Piratey Island on the sailing ship Columbia.

The afternoon was relatively warm, and so we decided to head over to DCA, via Adventureland, for a ride in a raft down the rapids of Grizzly Peak. We stopped by the hotel to change into clothes suitable for getting wet.

We had seen a lot of very wet people get off the ride the other day, and decided not to risk getting the camera wet. As it turned out our trip down the rapids was rather calm and dry. We liked the general theme of the outfitters, but thought it was rather thin for such a tame "thrill ride." We also spent about an hour wandering around the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail -- again, if this were in Disneyland it would be mobbed by children.

That evening we returned to Disneyland for dinner at Cafe Orleans, and this time we lingered over dinner (it wasn't crowded) and watched as the sun set and the lights came on.

It was nearly dark by the time we left New Orleans Square, and we began the evening's fun by riding attractions we enjoy best at night. First up was Big Thunder, followed by the Tea Cups and the Matterhorn.

We drifted about Fantasyland for while until nearly closing time, savoring out last night at Disneyland.

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